External hemorrhoids treatment with home remedies

Let’s all admit that external hemorrhoids are the worst! It is practically embarrassing for anyone to talk about. Many consider it an ordeal visiting a doctor and this just makes things more stressful. It is interesting to know that 50 percent of the people develop external hemorrhoids sometime in their lives.

For a disease so common like external hemorrhoids, diagnosis is indispensable.

Does your anus swell and you feel burning down there? Are there tiny bumps around the anal area? Do you find yourself in toilet most of the time and does bleeding follow every time you defecate? If so, you are probably a sufferer as these are all symptoms suggestive of piles- a condition in which the veins surrounding the rectum swell and form hemorrhoids.

The condition is painful and uncomfortable as you might find it hard to sit. Even if you muster up all the stamina and decide to visit a doctor, he is just going to give painkillers or suppositories which do not treat the condition but only reduce its symptoms.

Yes, ignoring external hemorrhoids can pile up lots of problems

Ignoring to treat external hemorrhoids can invite many other unnecessary complications. You can possibly become anemic due to overbleeding. If the blood supply to the hemorrhoids is compromised, tissue necrosis can occur.  Hemorrhoids can also lead to bowel cancer sometimes.

Go natural with the hemorrhoid treatment

You will be glad to know that there are some natural ways to treat these pesky hemorrhoids. So, if you suspect that you are a patient of external hemorrhoids, stop everything you are doing and stick to these easy and completely safe home remedies.

Aloe Vera– Start the treatment using Mother Nature’s best ingredient- aloe vera. Aloe vera will promise to keep the inflammation aside and provide instant relief. To use it, simply squeeze out some gel and apply in on the anal area. Remember to be as gentle as you can.

Coconut Oil– Coconut oil is easily available and a great way to cure external hemorrhoids. Remember three steps to use it – apply, rinse, repeat. Applying it on the hemorrhoids will provide lubrication, subside the symptoms and treat the condition in a matter of days.

Cold Compress – If you don’t have anything else at your disposal, make a cold compress. Just get some ice and wrap it in a clean piece of cloth. Apply the compress on the hemorrhoids which will not only reduce the inflammation but will ease you as you pass stool.

Bananas – Here is the one you can go bananas over, quite literally. Yes, bananas are great for external hemorrhoids as they increase the fiber content in the body.

Lemons – If you have got lemons, it is high time you make lemonade out of them. Either apply the juice directly to the affected area or consume it with some honey.

Other remedies that you can perform at home include:

  • Get a good night sleep to regulate digestion
  • Add fiber to your diet
  • Soak yourself in a hot tub
  • Stay hydrated to prevent aggravation of hemorrhoids
  • Make the best use of apple cider vinegar
  • Get the inflammation under control using tea tree oil
  • Consume as much olive oil as possible to increase the functionality of bowel