Natural Ingredients to combat Hair loss

Have you been experiencing hair loss progressively as you brush your hair?

If you have, you are not alone.

Millions of people everyday report increased hair breakage and shedding. Significant hair loss may be caused by underlying medical conditions and hormonal changes associated with childbirth or menopause. About 30% of men experience baldness at the age of 30. It is also estimated that 50% of men will be bald when they turn 50 years. Whatever is causing your hair loss, rest assured that there is a permanent solution to it. This article will describe natural ingredients to combat hair loss.

Before we go into these ingredients, let us first talk about the boosters of hair growth. They include:

  •    Ample blood supply
  •    Nutrients

The hair follicle needs ample blood supply and nutrients o grow. It also has to be free of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Dihydrotestosterone is a byproduct of the male hormone testosterone. Both men and women have testosterone, but it is more dominant in men. DHT settles at the roots of the hair follicle thus shrinking it and causing gradual hair fall. Blood supply to the hair is cut short by scalp calcification. Deficiency of hair growth nutrients is caused by insufficient blood supply to the scalp. Blood transports vital nutrients to the scalp if it inadequate, the scalp receives fewer nutrients too.

So far, we have seen that the natural causes of baldness are:

  •    DHT,
  •    Insufficient nutrition
  •    Inadequate blood flow to the scalp.

The ingredients to combat hair loss will include DHT blockers, scalp decalcifiers and hair growth nutrient boosters.

Natural DHT blockers

  1.    Saw Palmetto

The extract of the saw Palmetto shrub is a 5-Alpha-reductase inhibitor. This scientific term refers to an enzyme that blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT.  You can take this extract in your fruit juice or place it directly under the tongue.

  1.    Pumpkin seed oil

The pumpkin seed oil breaks down DHT in the liver. Incorporating this ingredient in your meal is better than chewing the pumpkin seed.

  1.    Soy Isoflavones

The soy Isoflavones inhibit DHT production indirectly by lowering the levels of the bad cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol stimulate the production of 5-Alpha-reductase which in turn elevates the conversion of testosterone to DHT. The soy Isoflavones are extracted from soy beans and are taken in tablet form.

Nutrients that boost hair growth

  1.    Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes hair growth and keeps scalp healthy. Salmon is a good example of food that is rich in vitamin D and protein as well.

  1.    Vitamin C

This nutrient is vital in hair strengthening and prevents breakage as well. Yellow papers and oranges contain high amounts of vitamin C.

  1.    Vitamin H

It is also known as biotin. Biotin promotes the growth of strong and healthy hair. It can be gotten from the egg yolk and almonds as well. Avoid the whites in the egg as they can block the absorption of biotin hence causing hair loss.

Tips to stimulate blood supply to the scalp

Calcium deposition on the scalp is due to poor calcium absorption in the body.  Slow skin and muscle movement in the scalp also encourage calcification. To decalcify the scalp, we have to take foods that encourage calcium absorption and follow routines that promote blood circulation in the scalp. These tips include;

  1.    Greens such as kales and spinach. They are rich in magnesium and vitamin K which stimulates calcium absorption. Foods rich in vitamin D such as Tuna, Cheese, and beef liver aid in calcium absorption.
  2.    Scalp massage. Massaging the scalp every day encourages blood movement and enhances ample supply of nutrients to hair follicles. To obtain maximum results, don’t use just any oil. Utilize oils such as jojoba and argon that are known to have healthy benefits on the hair as well.

As long as you have no underlying medical condition that may be causing your hair loss, there is no reason why incorporating the ingredients mentioned above in your lifestyle won’t work. Make sure to take foods rich in DHT blockers, and nutrients that promote both hair growth and blood supply daily. You will see a tremendous change in hair growth. Remember to see a doctor first to rule out any infections before trying these natural ingredients.